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Information Security Spotlight

privacy beings with you #thinkprivacy

January 28th is National Data Privacy Day.

The University of California respects the privacy of individuals. Privacy plays an important role in human dignity and is necessary for an ethical and respectful workplace. The right to privacy is declared in the California Constitution.

Privacy consists of:

(1) an individual’s ability to conduct activities without concern of or actual
observation and

(2) the appropriate protection, use, and release of information about individuals.

The University must balance its respect for both types of privacy with its other values and with legal, policy, and administrative obligations.

Academic and intellectual freedoms are values of the academy that help further the mission of the University. These freedoms are most vibrant where individuals have autonomy: where inquiry is free because it is given adequate space for experimentation and the ability to speak and participate in discourse within the academy is possible without intimidation.

Transparency and accountability are values that form the cornerstone of public trust. Access to information concerning the conduct of business in a public university and an individual’s access to information concerning him/herself is a right of every citizen as stated in the California Constitution.

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