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Back Up Important Files

Backup IconSince no system is completely secure, you should regularly back up important files. This is also your best defense against losing files to viruses, software or hardware failure, or the loss or theft of your computer.

How often should I back up my files?

This depends on how often your files change. Choose a regular interval, at least twice per month, and keep to the schedule.

How should I back up my files?

  • Departmental Computers
    Talk to your Computer Support Coordinator. He or she may have a backup system in place and can help you.
    OIT also provides backup services for a monthly fee.
  • Automatic Backups
  • Back up to WebFiles
    Faculty, staff and graduate students have 2 GB of disk space on WebFiles. WebFiles is professionally maintained and backed up each night.

Where should I store my backed up files?

Store your backed up files off site in a secure location. If something happens to your computer or your office, you'll be able to recover your data.