Information Security and Privacy Committee

Name Title
Chuck Adams Administrative Director for Wellness, Health, and Counseling Services
Elizabeth Bennett University Registrar
Dwight Claustre (delegate: Bunny Quartararo) Interim Compliance and Privacy Officer, School of Medicine
Josh Drummond Chief Information Security Officer - Technology and Operations
Tawny Luu, Co-chair Campus Privacy Official & Director, Public Records Office
Bruce Morgan (delegate: Tam Tran) Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration
Nida Niravanh (delegate: Hung Pham) Risk Manager, Material and Risk Management
Evans Owalla IT Principal Auditor, Internal Audit Services
Kyhm Penfil Campus Counsel
Kevin Phillips Director, Human Resources
Marla Purcell Administrative Manager, UCIPD
Dana Roode Chief Information Officer/Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of Information Technology
Linh Sithihao Information Security Officer, UCIMC
Isaac Straley, Co-chair Chief Information Security Officer - Risk and Compliance
Joan Tenma (delegate: Jennifer Henry) Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel
Sean Walsh Academic Senate Representative


Information Security and Privacy Committee Charter (pdf).