Cyber Security Bingo – Resource Page

Play Cyber Security Bingo

Timeline: November 14th – January 11th, 2019 @5pm

DOWNLOAD: UCI 2018 Bingo Cybersecurity Bingo Card

Complete this bingo card and turn into the Help Desk at Aldrich Hall 115 by January 11th, 2019 at 5pm to be entered into a drawing. There are three different ways to play (see below). Each drawing will have a different prize based on the complexity of the bingo type. Every individual who turns in a bingo card will receive a small security gift.

Three Ways to Play: (Put a mark on each task when completed)

  • Four Corners – Complete each task in each of the four corners of this bingo card.
  • Inside Square – Complete each task within the inside square of this bingo card.      
  • Black Out – Complete every task on this bingo card.

Cybersecurity Tips for Using Social Media

How to review privacy setting

Social Media Privacy Settings:

Mobile Phone Privacy Settings:

What to do if impacted by a data breach

Passwords and 2-Factor Authentication

Protect Yourself from Scams:

Avoiding Online shopping Scams

Avoiding Fake Job Offer Scams

Phishing YouTube Videos

Cybersecurity tips while traveling