Information Security and Privacy Committee

The Information Security and Privacy Committee (“ISPC”) is charged with evaluating both UC Irvine’s information security and UC Irvine’s privacy strategies and operations. The ISPC Committee advises on strategic direction for information security and for privacy programs, reviews policies, procedures, and operations and identifies potential areas of vulnerability and risk. The ISPC Committee is a standing subcommittee of the Campus Ethics, Risk and Compliance Committee.

Information Security and Privacy Committee Charter (pdf)

Name Title
Alex Tiquia Senior Contracts Analyst
Nick Weil Compliance and Privacy Officer, UCI Health (interim)
Alison Regan Associate University Librarian, Public Services
April Sather Assistant Chief Information Security Officer
Carolyn Ponoroff Senior Public Records Analyst, Public Records Office
Craig Walsh Professor / Associate Vice Chancellor, Research Engagement
David Kaye Clinical Professor of Law, School of Law
Assistant Dean, School of Arts
Elizabeth Bennett University Registrar

Helen Templin

Larry Wasan

Internal Audit Services
Nancy Vongsawat Academic Affairs
Jill Kay Director, Research Policy
Josh Drummond, Co-Chair Chief Information Security Officer
Karen Allen Executive Director, Office of Research - Administration
Kyhm Penfil Campus Counsel
Export Control Officer, Office of Research
Maria Pantelia Professor of Classics / Chair, Academic Senate
Director, Administrative Services, UCI PD
Patrick Haines Executive Director, Student Health Center
Sandra Campero Assistant Vice Chancellor, Advancement Operations
Gabriel Gracia Chief Information Security Officer, UCI Health (interim)
Stephen Whelan Senior Director, Enterprise HR Technology and Systems
Thea Bullock, Co-Chair Campus Privacy Officer
Valerie Dixon Deputy Compliance Officer, UCI Health
Christopher Richmond Campus Risk Manager
Stephanie Tenney Campus Records Manager and Director of Operations, Office of the CFO