Information Security Service Request Forms


The OIT Security Team offers penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services. OIT provides different tools for different purposes:

  • Nessus - Network/Host Vulnerability Scanning
  • Cobalt Strike / Metasploit - Host Penetration Testing
  • IBM AppScan - Web Application Vulnerability Testing
  • Imperva - Database Vulnerability Scanning

To inquire about any of the above services, please fill out the scanning request form and email it to The request will be evaluated, prioritized, and scheduled if appropriate. Recharge fees may apply.

Security Reviews

The OIT Security Team can complete a security review of a unit, system, or application. Email to schedule a review. You can jump start the process by completing the Risk Assessment Questionnaire.

Other Service Requests

The OIT Security Team is working on getting more service requests into a submission form. For now, if you have any other requests please email