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What is FireEye HX?

OIT Security has deployed FireEye HX. FireEye HX is used to detect malware and/or viruses that antivirus software has difficulty locating. Additionally, it allows the OIT Security to efficiently perform deep analysis on the malware to determine how the system became infected and help prevent further spread. FireEye HX automates some time-consuming steps of incident response and helps with forensics investigations.


What does FireEye HX do?

Armed with real-time indicator, Exploit Guard, and malware protection intelligence, the Endpoint Security Agent searches for malware activity on each endpoint host, analyzing real-time, exploit, and malware data from events occurring on the endpoint, and identifying activity that matches the real-time indicator rules and FireEye's exploit and malware intelligence.  


Who should use FireEye HX?

FireEye HX is available for all university-owned computers. Faculty and staff can also install the software on their personal home computers. Visiting professors and persons classified as associates can install FireEye HX on their university-owned computer as well.


How do I get FireEye HX?

Contact OIT Helpdesk Center at oit@uci.edu or 949-824-2222 or email OIT Security at security@uci.edu  to obtain to help you obtain, download, and install the agent.



FireEye HX is provided by the University of California Office of the President at no cost to campus owned devices.



FireEye HX offers installers for Windows, MacOS and Linux and can be installed on workstations and servers operating systems. If you would like to find out if a specific OS is supported, contact OIT Security.

Note: You do not need to uninstall your existing antivirus program. FireEye HX can be installed along with existing Anti-Virus products.


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