Information Security Tools


It is important for individuals and computer professionals to use the right tools to ensure security of data and computers. This is a list of tools the security team has identified as useful.

Unless noted, this list is not meant to be a formal endorsement for any specific product. If OIT is not offering a commercial tool as a service, campus units are responsible for acquiring and paying for any commercial software.

Software Updates

  • Secunia PSI
    Free, open source software for individual use (personal, non-university owned computers) for Microsoft Windows, used to check the update status of operating system and third party software. Highly recommended.
  • Appfresh
    Free, open source software for OS X, used to check the update status of operating system and third party software. For advanced users only, use at your own risk.


  • CheckPoint
    Commercial software for encryption of volumes and removable media. UC has a purchasing agreement in place.

Scanning for SSNs and other sensitive data

  • Identity Finder
    Commercial software to scan for sensitive information. OIT has a limited number of license available for units. If you are interested, please email Recommended.
  • PowerGREP
    Commercial application that can be used for finding sensitive data, through the use of regular expressions.

Data Scanning Tools

To ensure sensitive data is not where it should not be, there are several tools to assist in locating possible sensitive data. No tool can determine conclusively what is or is not sensitive data, but it can quickly aid in revealing potential sensitive data. This list provides some of the common tools that can be used to scan computers for sensitive data.

Note: While these tools are useful for scanning for sensitive data, there is always the possibility of returning false positive results. Be sure to verify results returned by any tool for validity.

Free tool:

  • senf
    Java tool from the University of Texas designed to look for Social Security Numbers and Credit Cards.

Commercial tools for campus units:

  • Identity Finder
    Identity Finder is a powerful aid in finding SSNs, credit cards, and other personal information. OIT has purchased a limited number of licenses for campus units to use.  If you would like more information, please send an email to

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