Security Awareness Training

Information security is a shared responsibility across the UCI community. To help increase awareness, OIT Security offers multiple security training services. These services cover a variety of security topics to help keep individuals safe online. The skills learned during these trainings can be applied both at work and at home.

Annual Security Training Requirement

As part of the University’s efforts to address the increasing threats to the security of our Institutional Information and IT Resources, all employees are required to complete security awareness training annually. This is a system-wide requirement across all UC locations.

To start or refresh your security awareness training, log into the UC Learning Center and search: “UC Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals”. The course takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

Every month OIT Security sends a report to the Unit’s Information Security Leads illustrating which individuals have completed the training and which individuals are pending compliance.


Custom In-person Security Training

OIT Security is happy to provide custom security training for Units. If interested please contact OIT Security at

Phishing Awareness Program

Phishing continues to be a threat to our campus. A successful phishing attack can lead to loss of research and P3/P4 data, identity theft, financial damage, and more. Phishing emails are commonplace and it is important for us to know how to protect ourselves against them.

UCI’s Phishing Awareness program periodically sends simulated phishing emails to campus employees. The objectives of the campaigns are purely educational and designed to promote awareness.

Program Objectives:

  • Help individuals to become aware of what phishing looks like. The templates we use are based on real phishing emails that attackers do use.
  • Help individuals to identify common red flags when viewing and reacting to suspicious emails.
  • Identify what phishing awareness resources and tools are needed to help increase campus awareness.

Visit the Phishing Awareness Program Results and Templates web page for additional details.

Optional phishing awareness training modules are available on the UC Learning Center. Each course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

  • Phishing 101
  • Identifying Fraudulent URLs
  • Avoiding Dangerous Attachments
  • Data Entry Phishing
  • Email Security on Mobile Devices
  • Spear Phishing Threats
  • Protecting Against Ransomware

Information Security While Traveling

Using laptops and mobile devices helps keep us connected and productive while we are on the road. However, traveling with these devices increases the risks for keeping our personal and Institutional Information private. Visit the International Travel – Information Security Guidance web page for additional details.

The UC Learning Center has a travel security course available to all UCI employees. Login and search “Travel: Information Security While Traveling”.